We help people do more.

Software created by us improves processes in companies all around world, empowering users to do more easily.

All of this because we strongly believe in Zen of Dude (stolen from Zen of Python, yup).

  • Simple
  • Beautiful
  • Way

Simple is better than complex.

We believe that software is only good when it's really easy to use.
And easy means simple. And simple means well thought of.

Beautiful is better than ugly.

Well, that's easy, isn't it?
Nope, it's hard to keep doing beautiful things while keeping them simple and useful.
We do it. And we do it darn good.

There should be one, and preferably only one, obvious way to do it.

Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.

Oh, and we have amazing chat bot platform!

  • Easy to start

    We have integrations with Facebook, HipChat, Slack, Telegram and old school Jabber.

  • Easy to control

    Define commands and actions that bot needs to perform, bot will do only exact thing.

  • Easy to trigger

    Push messages to your users and groups easily via our API using opensource libraries.

  • Easy to listen

    We will keep all messages as long as you want to, if you want to.

Check out our free Accounting application!

We've created amazingly simple platform to manage Invoices and Expenses with focus on freelancers.