We love bots.

Bots handling support tickets, performing automated deployment and notifying if anything happens.

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Bots do all the hard work

Scheduling tasks, sending notifications and merging pull requests.
Easy! Use bot integrations.

Bots reply to customer requests.

Quickly reply to requests using own knowledge base.
Easy! Use bot integrations.

Bots can even sell stuff!

Chat industry is not staing in place, new features in Facebook Messenger allow bots to perform PayPal transactions.

Benefits of using our bot platform:

  • Easy to start

    We have integrations with Facebook, HipChat, Slack, Telegram and old school Jabber.

  • Easy to control

    Define commands and actions that bot needs to perform, bot will do only exact thing.

  • Easy to trigger

    Push messages to your users and groups easily via our API using opensource libraries.

  • Easy to listen

    We will keep all messages as long as you want to, if you want to.

Interested? Ask our bot for more!

Our friendly bot will answer your questions and can demonstrate abilities.